Finance for Individual & Small Businesses

SIB provides wide range of finance services for individuals and small businesses.

These services are tailored to meet clients’ needs. The services are implemented according to best profession standards using score point based evaluation which make the services more efficient and cost effective and rapid meet the clients’ needs.

SIB provides clients with Sharia compliant services that meet or exceed their expectations in all its branches and ATMs. The Services include:

It is an Islamic Banking products used to finance cars, furniture, home equipment, building materials…..etc.

  • Advantages

    • Murabaha finance
    • Affordable profit rate
    • Reasonable tenor of 4-5 years and monthly repayment installments
  • Program Clientele

    • Public & private workers & Professionals

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    Sharia Compliant program

To facilitate the purchase of dream house for our clients and participate in bringing family stability of our clients, SIB launched this recent product

  • Advantages

    • Granted by either mode of finance Ijara Muntahiah bil Tamleek or Murabaha
    • Applicants need not to provide securities as the home financed is the collateral
    • Affordable Cost of Finance
    • Reasonable Repayment plans with installment amount is only 45% of applicant’s net income
    • Long term loan tenor up to 7 years and monthly installments
    • Clients can purchase from residential units developed by the bank or from the real estate market
  • Program Clients

    The program targets public and private sector workers, professionals and expatriates.

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    Bank’s Terms & Conditions Appy


To implement SIB mission that aims of participating in the economic and social development, this program is dedicated to small businesses and vocational projects. It grants finance with less margins that encourage establishing or developing existing small businesses.

  • Advantages

    • Finance either by Murabaha or Istisna or both
    • Comfortable tenor up to 5 years
    • Competitive finance costs comparing with other lenders
    • Grant periods according to the project cash flow and the nature of each project
    • Comfortable and flexible repayments plan.
    • Financing up to 75% of the project’s Assets
  • Program Clients

    The program targets craftsmen & professionals from all industries

    Apply now by visiting SIB nearest branch*.

    *Bank’s Terms and Conditions apply.

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