SIB a leading Yemeni in providing ATM Maestro services that can be linked to the client’s current or saving account. It is issued for free.


The card can be used in MasterCard ATM global network. It is a large network that is composed of up to 5 million ATM Machines. SIB issues 4 Maestro cards: international Maestro 1, Local Maestro 1/ Durrah Local Card for ladies. The minimum daily balance is YER 100 thousand and up to 300 thousand.



  • Sharia Compliant Product
  • Free Cash Withdrawal
  • Compatible with MasterCard ATMs
  • Acceptable in 17 million PoS in Yemen and the world covering restaurants, hotels, malls, air companies, and tourism
  • 24/7 Cash withdrawal in 5 Million ATMs machine worldwide
  • Issuing more than 1 card for the same account
  • Balance query
  • Transactions are mirrored in the account statement
  • Password reset in SIB ATMs
  • Easy to use
  • Full security if lost and reported to the bank
  • SMS alert following each transaction


Apply at SIB nearest branch

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